Overview Of Project

Shri Ambika Yogashram has always believed that Yoga has a larger role to play to improve personal and social health. Yog is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices. However in today’s world we see often the attention is paid only to physical and mental wellbeing. The definition of Health is being delimited to these two factors alone by most people, while social and spiritual wellbeing are paid little attention to. It is impossible however, to gain health in the true sense and experience the fulfillment of life if we ignore social and spiritual wellbeing.

Earlier, ‘Ashram’s’ were integral part of our society, the said system use to ensure the personal and social wellbeing. Brahmacharya-Ashram (stage of celibacy/ student), Gruhastha-Aashram (stage of householder), Vanprastha-Ashram (stage of renouncing worldly things) and Sanyasa-Ashram (stage of an anchorite).

As part of our project, we are planning to focus on ‘Vanprastha-Ashram’ which will help the people to achieve their individual health and spiritual goal and also to contribute the society with their voluntary act.

Vanaprasthashram means to go in to the forest, away from human settlement. In today’s context it means to withdraw our mind gradually from family matters. Shri Ambika Yogashram has taken up an extensive project based on this Ideology.

Exigency Of Project

Life in metros and large cities like Mumbai, Thane is fast and hectic. Hazardous pollution, uncontrolled, imbalanced diet, sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise have given rise to numerous ailments in young and old men, women and children. Despite plentiful clinics, pharmacies, dispensaries and star hospitals a healthy person is rare to be found. Costs of medicines and medical services have reached the sky. Medical treatment no more remains a service to patients but has turned into a lucrative business rendering the common man miserable. Medicines banned elsewhere in the world are still available in our shops. In spite of all this people try to buy health from the market, not realizing that it has to be acquired through personal efforts.