About us

Our history

We, Shri Ambika Yogashram Family!

SHRI AMBIKA YOGASHRAM, (SAY), Thane, is a public trust established in the year 1999 through the inspiration and blessings of Hathayogi Shri Nikam Guruji. The main objective of the trust is to pass on our ancestral sciences of Yoga and Naturopathy, two effective tools of health, to a maximum number of people to help them attain positive health through self-efforts.

Minimal remedies like household herbal medicines, massage oil etc. are provided only when needed. Sentient to the social obligation, this work is being carried out ‘Free of Charge’ so as to benefit all strata of the society. No hidden costs are imposed by way of form fees, course fees or costly medicines. However, SAY accepts donations from voluntary donors willing to help in the trust’s Endeavour.

We firmly believe that positive health is a result of deliberate efforts on the part of an individual. Therefore SAY tries to reach the masses through Yoga training sessions emphasizing that healthy living is not possible unless there is a sound change in the lifestyle. These sessions include developing an assertive attitude towards society and self as also guidance and training related to diet, body cleansing processes, breathing techniques, postures, pranayama, relaxation techniques, general health education etc.

Our Reach

We are presently operating at 50 locations serving local residents mainly in and around Thane, Mumbai and rest of Maharashtra. These sites have been allowed to be utilized for Yoga sessions on Saturday or Sunday mornings by the respective local bodies, usually free of charge.

The training consists of about 12 weekly sessions of 2 hours each, spread over a span of 3 months. Individual guidance is provided to each “sadhaka” as per his / her age, disposition, and ailment if any. Special assistance is given to the patients with chronic diseases by senior and experienced teachers every Tuesday and Thursday evening at SAY’s Thane office. Yoga camps of 6 to 7 days are organized at upcountry locations for the benefit of the locals.

The next important step in Yoga after curing physical disorders i.e. the “Pranayam” is taught at some of our branches. This Pranayam shastra was developed by sages not only for monks and ascetics as believed by some, but for the general masses. We urge all aspirants to learn and benefit from Pranayam, because apart from being an amazing antidote on growing age and various ailments, it also boosts up one’s day to day life and spiritual strength.

Constitutional Objective

  • Propagating the ancient Indian sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda.
  • Carrying out research oriented work in the above fields.
  • Spreading the above sciences in India as well as in other countries.
  • Publishing the required books and other documents, creating / providing instruments, audio-visual tools etc. as also procuring useful publications, study material on the subject for the benefit of the aspirants.
  • Developing / enhancing our system of healing with Yoga, Ayurveda and herbs, regularly training and building manpower to operate this system.
  • Framing health educational courses suitable for school children, labourers, as also for men and women in all age groups, thereby safeguarding their general health.
  • Creating, maintaining the facilities and infrastructure for implementation of our objectives.