Shri Ambika Yogashram
Mr.Manohar H.Tipnis

I have completed 82 years of age and am currently an active member of the Panvel Senior Citizens club. It was in the year 2002 that I first started feeling heaviness in my chest while walking. It would ease after a little rest. There was no other health complaint. My doctor son got all my tests done himself, but no malignancy was found then. Later one afternoon while taking nap, I suddenly started feeling restless due to heaviness in my chest. I got myself admitted at a nearby cardiologist where my angiography was done and bypass surgery was advised to me. However I was reluctant to undergo the surgery and therefore started looking for an alternative.

Fortunately then an Ayurveda health camp was organized by our Senior Citizens’ club wherein a veteran Vaidya recommended that I may turn to Ayurvedic medicines and healthy diet along with Yoga, if I wished to avoid surgery. My good fortune again extended hand towards me in the form of new branch of SAY opened by Shri. Arvind Karpe ji in our area. After learning about my illness in detail he gave me a lot of encouragement and the confidence that I could regain my health with the help of yoga. Throughout the course he made me do kriyas and asanas appropriate to my illness and supervised my progress minutely. Since then there has been a steady and definite improvement in my health. I am immensely thankful to Shri. Karpe ji and all the teachers of SAY for the same.

I can state with confidence obtained out of my restored health that Yoga is extremely useful and essential in today’s fast life. Regular practice of yoga results in improved blood circulation, strengthening of muscles, reduced flatulence and rejuvenation of all the systems and meridians of the body. No one should therefore give the excuse of being too busy to do yoga. I conclude by wishing all the teachers and students of SAY a grand success in their endeavor.

Smt.Rekha Dhapodkar

I am a housewife. My husband, who was an auto rikshaw driver by profession, succumbed to a sudden massive heart failure in the year 2004. I had a large family to take care of including my two sons and other relatives. Elder son was pursuing engineering degree and the younger one was in standard 12th. I took up tailoring work and was toiling day and night to make both ends meet, but the hardship was taking a toll on my body. I had never known illness before, but within those 4 to 6 months I fell prey to high blood pressure, heart trouble, kidney stone and vertigo. There was swelling on my body. Stress and strain had hampered my memory and my confidence. There was no money to consult a good doctor. I was taking treatment in municipal dispensary with no improvement. Just then, with a stroke of luck my son happened to hear about SHRI AMBIKA YOGASHRAM. The nearest branch of SHRI AMBIKA YOGASHRAM at Jogeshwari was on the fourth floor and it was hard for me to climb the stairs but somehow I managed to go. Mrs. Sheela Shah was speaking about the life of Shri.Nikam Guruji which was so inspirational, that my inner voice told me “This is the place I must keep coming till my last breath.” This was the first independent decision of my life, which has proved to be a boon from God.

I remember the day late Mrs.Nutan tai had come from Thane to our branch. A long queue of patients was waiting to meet her and there I was, feeling miserable about my own plight. When I stood before her and started to speak, a sob burst out of me. She consoled me with a pat on my back and the gentle words “We all are with you. You will be alright.” That gave me enormous strength and faith with which I took up the yoga lessons persistently. Mrs. Usha Banthia was my teacher. Almost ten years have passed now and today I am leading a perfectly healthy and happy life. There is not a single ailment. On the contrary I am about to appear for the Pranayama exam. I feel like being born again. The daily sadhana, prayer, chanting of Gayatri, Kuldevata mantra and Omkar has sanctified the atmosphere of my house. I have no words to describe my gains. Therefore I would request one and all to reap the benefits of this facility, which is absolutely free of cost. I will always be indebted to SHRI AMBIKA YOGASHRAM and all its teachers.

Dr.Nitin Gore (M.D. M.R.C.P., U.K.)

I have specialized in Diabetes, Endocrinology and Internal medicine and am practicing at Bhiwandi for the past 16 years. I am a member of American Diabetes Association as well as European Association of study of Diabetes and have attended several international conferences.

About five years ago I had conducted a medical camp along with Mr.Kiran Prajapati sir, who lead me to SAY. Since then I have been closely associated with yogashram. As I correlate Physiology and medical problems with the Kriyas and Asanas taught here I clearly see how scientifically Hathayogi Shri Nikam Guruji has designed the course. I salute Vinu bhai and Kishore bhai who taught me the technique of Pranayama. I have found Pranayama a real progenerator that has changed me inside out.

I have been sending patients suffering from various ailments to SAY, and as they learn and practice yogic kriyas and asanas pertinent to their ailments here, I reduce or stop their medicines gradually. A few case studies are given below :-

A patient with 3 to 5 years history of diabetes and hypertension underwent the three month’s yoga course and later the advanced course in SAY. Over a period of three to four years we stopped all his medication. He is now a Yoga teacher.

One of my friends from Pune was to be operated for lumbar spondilytis. With the practice of yoga he has become almost symptom free now.

One of my friends from Pune was to be operated for lumbar spondilytis. With the practice of yoga he has become almost symptom free now.

I would like the readers to contemplate that lifestyle diseases like high BP, diabetes, heart trouble, GIT problems, joint problems, spine problems etc. are a result of gradually developing pathology over several years. Therefore one must not expect Yoga to cure these in a few months’ time. Healing by Yoga is a continuous process that yields more and more health and happiness with time. Many of us expect that even when the disease has progressed or has become irreversible, Yoga will make miracles. It is necessary to realize however, that Yoga does make miracles if you really believe in it, follow the teachers’ advice and practice consistently.

Mr.Jethalal Manilal Joshi

I am sixty six years old today, a regular practitioner of Yoga and all set to crack the “Pranayam” exam conducted by Shri Ambika Yogashram.

There was a time not very long ago, when it was difficult for me even to stand on my legs for more than 5-10 minutes at a stretch. I couldn’t hold long conversation with anyone. Driving had become exhausting. I joined Shri Ambika Yogashram at the age of sixty three and today, with consistent practice of yoga all my complaints have vanished. I go to bed at 11 pm and get up at 5 am daily without alarm, feeling healthy and enthusiastic.

Compliance to Yama-Niyamas to the best of my capacity, healthy diet and lifestyle combined with yogic kriyas, asanas and pranayam has become integral part of my life now. I sincerely thank all the teachers of Shri Ambika Yogashram, whose selfless devoted service is really praiseworthy.

Mrs. Margaret P. Fernandes

I bow to Param Pujya Hathayogi Shri Nikam Guruji before narrating my experience. Subsequent to my marriage and the added family responsibilities my health had started deteriorating to such an extent that I was fed up of life. Low B.P., fever and weakness had become my constant companions. Visiting the local dispensary every 10-15 days had become my ritual. I was also taking prolonged treatment from a famous physician at a well-known hospital in Mumbai.

As though all this sickness was not sufficient, my right hand caught Tennis elbow symptom. Doctor forbade me from lifting heavy things, rolling rotis, driving, writing etc. Restricted movements caused flatulence in my body and I developed bad cholesterol. In such a distressed state my colleague Mrs.Rajani Rajesh Naik came forward to help me by bringing the information of SAY. I started the three months’ yoga course at Nalasopara branch in December 2009. Shri.Mahesh Mistry, Shri. Vinayak Naik, Mrs. Nilima Bavkar, Mrs.Vrunda Divekar were my teachers. I repeated the three months’ course once more and kept practicing at home every morning and evening too. The yoga Guru from Thane main branch once visited our branch and guided me on diet and special exercises to combat my hemoglobin deficiency.

We were told on the very first day of the course that though this training is free of cost and no money needs to be spent here, one has to invest regularly in terms of his/her valuable time. I have been following this advice sincerely till date. In return almost all my health complaints have vanished now and there is 90 to 95% improvement in my health. I do not have to visit the dispensary and hospital any more. I owe this entirely to SAY and all its teachers.

Dr.Maruti Bhaguji Pachpute (M.D. (Hom.))

I was ignorant about Yoga till the year 1997. That was the year I started my nursing home. The work exigencies and vigorous multitasking were causing a lot of stress and running around. I was taking out my anger on the staff. On one such day I found that my eye had become blood red. There was internal bleeding caused by hypertension. My friend cardiologist Mr.Shah started treating me. After six months of medication this same friend advised me to start yoga and meditation.

I joined SAY, completed three months yoga course and kept on practicing yoga regularly. Soon I could feel so much relief that I decided to try and stop the hypertension medicines. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my BP was normal even after stopping the medicines. Earlier I used to tell my patients that BP medicines are to be taken life-long but after this experience I have started guiding them on “how Yoga helps in reducing anxiety and normalizing BP”. Balanced mind leads to a stress free life and this gives relief from diabetes too. Supple body is another advantage of yoga. Due to some circumstances my yoga practice got disrupted in the year 2008 and my BP again started shooting up which I had to bring in control by taking medicine.

Ms. Sunita Tukaram Chavre

I had juvenile arthritis from the very tender age of four ! Ayurvedic treatment given at that time had yielded good effects so it was believed that I was cured permanently, but that was not true. Joints pain started again at the age of 13. Doctors could suppress it to some extent with medicines but it reoccurred again next year. I had to consume lot of painkillers that gave only temporary relief. I consulted a number of doctors and specialists but there was no remedy for my pain. I was bedridden in the age when most children are at the peak of activity, full of enthusiasm and motivation, striving hard to fulfill aspirations of life. My pathetic physical condition had weakened my mind too. I was depressed due to my prolonged sickness.

It was in the year 2006 when my arthritis grew up to such an extent that I became totally unable to move one leg. Doctors suggested a surgery of spine. We had heard about very low success rate in this type of surgery. To undergo such a major surgery in such young age, we were aghast. What if it fails and I am never able to stand on my legs, how will I survive for the rest of my life? My mind was clogged with a thousand questions. We started looking for alternative treatment and finally landed in SAY.

I remember my first day at Gowandi branch of SAY. I was unable to sit on the ground. All the teachers encouraged and assured me of recovery but I was skeptical. Nevertheless I started following their directions and practicing yoga sincerely. Within the first three months I had felt considerable relief. Day by day there was improvement in my health and as a result my mind and the environment in our house also became stress free and happy. I resumed studies and completed graduation. I have a good job now. I gratefully state that the joy in my life today is only due to SAY. I shall always be indebted and therefore continue to offer my services to SAY to the best of my capacity.

Shri Vijay Dave

It will be no exaggeration to say that yoga has the potential to grant life. While for centuries yoga has been considered a panacea for ailments, doubts remained in the minds of many whether it could be relied upon in life threatening diseases. It is common for people to turn to yoga long after the disease taking root. Consequently the delayed results make the therapy a victim of supposed ineffectiveness. It must be realized that yoga to a larger extent prevents the growth of bacteria. The curing potentiality is larger in disorders like asthma, migraine, allergies, constipation, arthritis, acidity, BP, stress related ailments etc. In other ailments like paralysis, cancer, stroke etc. yoga is more effective in building up body resistance to void or weaken any further bacterial attack on the body. Nevertheless yoga is known to have worked wonders both as a curative and a preventive therapy.

My experiment with yoga commenced when I became a victim of chronic asthma. My faith took further roots when, at a later stage I was diagnosed as a patient of carcinoma.

For asthma I did not get relief for nearly 5-7 years of yoga practice. Many a times I felt like giving up yoga and trying some other therapy. I visited doctors every week. My condition prevented me from leading a normal life. Various remedies like eating egg yolk, chicken breast soup etc. were advised by one and all. Being a vegetarian I was aghast at such suggestions. Over a period of time I renewed my faith in yoga and pranayam and realized the potential of these remedies. My asthma gradually waned, though I was unaware of a bigger threat looming ahead. Today I do not suffer any more from asthmatic attacks and hardly have to visit the doctors for it. I take a limited preventive medication and do pranayam regularly. My asthma specialist considers my case as model example while advising his patients.

The second time that my faith in pranayam reinstated was in the year 2002. A chance physical examination brought the most devastating news. A small extraneous growth was diagnosed as malignant. The next few months were mentally tortuous. During my visits to cancer hospital the sight of the suffering patients was more painful than any physical pain. Though I was one among them my condition was far better than what I had initially thought. I was back on my feet within 3 days after the surgery in Dec 2002. My fear and pain gave way to confidence. Over the past years pranayam had strengthened me both physically and mentally. I knew that it will carry me safely through this phase too. I overcame the disease with such ease that very few of my colleagues were even aware of my illness. Readers too may be surprised to know that I have come out of this disease unscathed. It is now 10 years and though I do visit my oncologist for routine checkups I am positively confident of having moved out of the danger zone.

So friends I have narrated here my purely personal experience over the last 15 years. I have overcome a common but troublesome ailment like asthma and a life threatening disease like cancer with the help of yoga. Today I owe my existence purely to SAY where I learned pranayam. To sum it up all, SAY has given me a new lease of life.

Mrs.Laxmi Sharad Ingle

I was suffering from neck pain for years. No medicine or therapy could reduce it. Finally I joined Shree Ambika Yogrshram’s tri monthly course. Late Mrs.Nutan tai herself taught me the neck massage. Within only a month and a half I started getting good results. Regular practice of yoga and massage had lead to much relief in about six months time, when, unfortunately I had a fall in my house while doing routine housework.

My spine had got badly hurt and I was admitted to a hospital. I underwent costly and lengthy treatments but my spine was damaged so much that even a slight movement was causing severe pain. After seven months my spine was operated upon and I was told that I will never be able to sit on the ground all my life. Shortly I resumed yogic kriyas sitting in a chair. I met Mrs. Nutan tai again, who showed me how to apply massage oil to my back, neck and legs. How grateful I feel today to tell that within a month this massage brought considerable relief. I started trying sitting on the ground for short whiles of 10, 15 minutes and increased the span gradually.

Excessive medication had spoiled my digestive system. The dietary guidance and concoction given by Shri. Vinubhai and Kishore bhai helped me to overcome all my digestion problems. In due course they advised me to learn Pranayam. I stopped all other medicines and started practicing Pranayam. This brought out a miraculous change in my life. Today I am free of any sort of pain or medicine. I do Yogic kriyas and Pranayam regularly, which is not only keeping me physically fit but also very happy and enthusiastic. My family joins me in expressing heartfelt thanks to Mrs.Nutan tai, Shri Kishore bhai and Vinubhai. The entire credit of my well being and increased life span goes to Shri Ambika Yogashram.

Mr.Rajaram Baburao Shibe

It was in the month of May 2008 that I started suffering from dry cough, puffing and panting at night that would last for 3 to 5 minutes. Shortly it started getting triggered even by slight physical strain. As advised by my family doctor I tried taking treatment from four specialists one after the another over a period of two years. There was no relief whatsoever so I was advised angiography. Luckily however I met Dr.Burkule at Jupiter hospital Thane, who opined that there was no need of angiography. Further, by his medicine the nightly coughing was cured in a month. He then clarified that there wasn’t any medicine in the world that could boost up the pumping of heart and that Yoga alone could improve my condition and save from further deterioration.

Thus I started learning Yoga at SAY, Thane under the guidance of Shri. Vaman Shenoy sir and Shri. Ashok Patil sir. With two years of regular practice of yoga the pumping of my heart grew to 45% from initial 35%. The credit goes to SAY and Dr.Burkule who directed me here. I will forever be obliged to them for this progress. I firmly believe that Yoga can turn the impossible in to possible. I urge all of you to do yoga and lead a healthy, happy life.

Mrs. Reeta Kamlesh Betkar

I bow to Parampujya Hathayogi Shri Nikam Guruji before citing my experience. I was going through psychosomatic problems in 2005. Fear of crowd, sudden outburst, palpitation and negative thoughts had gripped me. I used to feel scared even in my own house. My BP used to fluctuate from very low to very high level and therefore I used to feel always irritated, nervous and uncertain. I also had insomnia. I had tried almost all types of treatments and medicines but to no avail. My family life was disturbed so much so that I was not even able to take proper care of my five years old son. My family was concerned and weary.

Finally one day my parents took me to the Govandi branch of SAY. Shri Anil bhai and Shrimati Amruta tai spoke with me about my problem and gave all information about the course. My yoga sessions started on the very next day. With the advent of the course, as I was encouraged to learn and practice the shuddhikriyas, my vaata-pitta defects started reducing. I started feeling enthusiastic and my family was relieved. Sitting in vajrasana, padmasana helped a lot in overcoming the cramps in legs. Confidence built up with the improved health. I wished to learn pranayamas and with the blessings of Guruji, was capable of doing so. Regular practice of pranayam lead to increased concentration and self confidence. I resumed my disrupted academic studies and completed graduation, then post graduation too.

SAY and all the teachers at the Govandi branch have given a new direction to my life. Starting the day with pranayamas assures happiness, enthusiasm and serenity to last for the whole day. I, who was once scared of uttering even few words in public, can not only speak extempore on any subject now, but do excellent compeering of stage shows and events. Of course the credit of all this goes to my Gurus, SAY and my family. I have never had the good fortune of meeting Shri Guruji in person but he is a constant source of inspiration for me. Any difficult task becomes easily accomplishable by merely remembering him and feeling the warmth of his eternal presence in the minds of all his disciples.

Dr.Mrs.Shailaja Maruti Pachpute

At the outset I bow to Parampujya Hathayogi Shri Nikam Guruji and Maa Gayatri. Way back in 1988 when I had completed my B.A.M.S. degree with distinction in one of the subjects ‘Yoga’, I had neither actually practiced it, nor used it for myself. A decade later I completed three months yoga course along with my husband Dr.Pachpute, who experienced considerable relief in his complaint of high BP. However, I did not continue to practice further.

Later one day I met SAY’s Deonar branch teacher Mrs.Veena Ranashevre and again joined the yoga class. There, veteran teachers like Shri.Anil bhai, Saila tai Naik and Amruta tai guided and inspired me in due course to serve other aspirants by becoming a yoga teacher myself. I also passed the pranayama exam. I had the delight of teaching and curing several sadhakas here, many of them being the patients of my clinic with various ailments. As they reaped benefits from the yogic kriyas, the truth I learnt was that - Yoga is a science of experiencing through self-practice. Before I used to advise my BP and diabetes patients to continue medicines for lifelong, but now I started telling them assertively to do Yoga and stop medicines gradually. Earlier I had thought it to be an exaggeration that yoga can avoid even bypass surgery, but now, after rendering prolonged service at SAY I can vouch that yes, bypass surgery can be avoided by practicing yoga.

To cite a few cases, one of my lady patients whose one lung was totally damaged, was suffering from asthma and undergoing rigorous treatment. She was sent by me to SAY. Today, by sincerely following the yogic kriyas she is totally healthy. Here at SAY, some very effective herbal medicines are also advised when necessary. The medicine that I used to prescribe for renal stone produced a slow result, so I sent one patient having a 22 mm big kidney stone to SAY. He started taking some household remedy advised there, and sonography done after a month revealed that the stone had reduced to 16 mm. I have seen many such cases but for the limitation of space I would conclude here thanking SAY from the bottom of my heart.

Shrimati Sushila Kandari

I lost my husband on the ill-fated day of 18th Nov.2001. My friend Mrs.Ranka paid me frequent visits and gave moral support in those difficult days. She not only suggested me to do yoga, but took me to SAY herself and together we started the three months yoga course there. During the course the compassion and co-operation received from all the teachers was precious. It helped me to bring myself out of the gloom and negativity, gave me the strength to overcome panic and trust to believe in myself.

I still remember the last day of the course when the teachers appealed to all sadhakas to continue the practice of yoga and eventually offer their services in the good work. In reply I stood up and said “Our ancient wisdom of four purusharthas (goals of life) points towards spending in selfless service the 3rd out of 4 stages of life, the stage I am currently passing through. I would consider myself fortunate if this institute provides me with the platform to do so.” Further, “Maharishi Vyas has proclaimed in the 18 Puranas (Scriptures) that the ultimate charitable act is to serve others selflessly and the ultimate sin is to cause pain to others” Abiding by the same, I have been offering service at SAY till this day.

I passed the Yoga Teachers certificate exam in 2008 with the support and encouragement of Dr.Mr. and Mrs. Malviya. Later the study of pranayama brought further improvement in my physical, mental and spiritual being. My BP is always normal, Hemoglobin has risen from 9 to 13 gms. I had joints pain from the year 1998 and Orthopedic specialist had advised me not do any floor activities but today I am easily able to sit in vajrasana, padmasana. At the age of 65 my once grayed hair have become black again, which I consider as a byproduct of yoga sadhana. Here I would like to narrate one more astonishing experience. Three years back I happened to eat samosas brought from market. The next morning I was completely drained out, weak due to cramps in my whole body. I was hospitalized. The diagnosis was dehydration and acute renal failure due to food poisoning. The clinical tests showed my serum potassium dropped down to 2.95 and creatinine rose to 4. I was treated in the ICU for 6 days but as soon as I came home, I could revert to my earlier routine right from the next day. I started going to yoga class after a week. I believe this speedy recovery was possible due to the energy accumulated by yoga over years. Therefore I always urge one and all to learn and practice yoga. I hereby express my sincere wish that all those who come in the patronage of SAY may achieve the highest in health and happiness.

Mrs. Vrunda Vasant Divekar

My humble pranam to Parampujya Hathayogi Shri Nikam Guruji. There was a time in my life when I was totally ignorant about Yoga but had to turn towards it owing to my doctor’s advice. I had menstrual problem right from childhood. I was married young and became mother soon but the problem continued. I had to visit doctor frequently for taking hormone injections and medicines, carrying the little baby in my arms. These medicines were making my body bulky. Shortly my second child was born but still the problem didn’t end. I was only 26 years old and suffering in spite of continued medicines. Finally my gynecologist declared one day that she will not treat me anymore, but I will have to cure myself by doing yoga.

There was no yoga class in near vicinity so I joined one at Vasai, Manikpur. I learnt there for 3 months and felt some relief. Thinking that I was cured, I failed to continue practicing at home once the class was over. As you would expect, the problem relapsed. I went to my doctor and complained. She reiterated that there was no alternative to yoga. Luckily then a new branch of SAY opened up in my locality and I started going there. This time I was benefited by very good coaching and attention of the teachers. Here I earned health for myself and happiness for my family. With the support of my family I am able to give service at SAY even to this day. My husband also joins me in this candid work of spreading yoga among masses and reaching Shri Guruji’s legacy up to maximum number of people in the society. I am thankful to my doctor who first directed me towards Yoga.

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