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Kapalbhati is literally a life-saver in this age of pollution.

Practice of kapalbhati is a very useful preparatory step before learning pranayama.


Ujjayi is a technique of deep breathing while applying friction in the throat as we breathe in and out.

This vibratory friction creates a sound similar to snoring.

Uddiyan bandh

Before learning Uddiyan bandha, it is necessary to know about three important bandhas i.e. constrictions.

Moolbandh,Jalandhar bandh,Uddiyan bandha



This covers basic Kriya & Asana. This course creats base for further study of Yoga.

Purva Pranayama

This covers basic Kriya, Asana & some additional kriyas to prepare body for Pranayama. This course creats base for further study of Pranayama.


This covers Eight kumbhak Pranayama and Mudras.

What is Pranayam? Can anyone perform it?
Pranayama is the technique of gaining control over inhaling and exhaling. Pranayama aims towards building up “Pran–tattva” (vital force)......
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